From collective to artistic assembly : Liu Dao

Collaborative art and digital collage

The multidisciplinary Chinese art collective Liu Dao produces strikingly unique ambiances by creating hyper-realistic scenes blending traditional techniques and new technologies.

LED videos, acrylic painting on plexiglass, collages and other techniques are worked together for a “digital reality that comes alive, begins to breath, then to speak, dream, conspire and finally seduce.”

Liu Dao mixes the modern world’s omnipresent digital images with more classical and traditional mediums. Using electric lights, illustrative watery planes, newspaper collages, calligraphy and neon lights, they bring a fresh new take full of humour to scenes of everyday life.

The multiplicity of expressions is nourished by the art and craft of each artist, creating a true collaboration

(1) Dalliance with the Devil © Liu Dao
(2) With the fire comes the rain © Liu Dao