Sports & Tech A°19 W°20

Sport and fashion share their codes and respective playing fields for enhanced everyday benefits and integrated function. Whether for leisure, for exploring the extreme or just getting around the city, clothing accompanies motion by becoming supple and lightweight, protecting without hindering motion, and warming up with minimum bulk.

Outdoor & extreme sports

Insulating fineness: Performant lightness and down-proof effectiveness. Perfectly insulated woven channels for injected padding.
Sturdy solidity: enhanced with high-strength polyamides and increasingly less bulky, fine fabrics that bravely stand up to the harshest conditions.

Activewear & snowsports

A cutting-edge tech-classic: Impeccably matt tri-layers with invisible weaves. Minimalist wool twills and broadcloths. Discreet, silent and super performant, they mix skiwear and luxury codes.
Outerwear knits: Techno-knits capitalize on their suppleness and comfort to conquer outer-layer garments, the most technologically demanding.

Sport and city fantasy

Heightened shine: Opulent satins, anodized metallics with an auto-body sheen to revamp outerwear with uncompromising performance qualities.
Illusory fantasy: Reflecting materials play with a deceptive invisibility. Thermochromics create nuances. Mountainous reliefs seem to appear in abstract jacquards and camouflage wrinkles.

Urban & lifestyle

Worn aspects: A 100%-polyamide solidity, lively and crunchy, with slightly wrinkled surfaces, for outstanding parkas and jackets.
Rubbery handles: Smooth and matt gummy coatings for rainwear, windbreakers and blousons with meticulous, colourful interiors to absolutely flaunt.



Between elasticity and hold: Knits grow denser to better sheathe the body, and adapt to the needs of sports like biking, running, yoga etc. Compression is modulated, from soft hold to reshaping/sculpting.
Bi-stretch featherweights: Extremely fine, petal-like handles and boosted elasticity for weightless fabrics.