Evrnu regenerated fibres

The new era of textiles has arrived, and with it revolutionary methods to anchor the industry in responsible methods of production. One committed actor is Evrnu, whose cutting-edge fibre-regeneration technology combats the textile waste that pollutes our planet a little more each day.Evrnu

In the forefront of R & D, the U.S. company can recover up to a third of cotton-garment waste, normally destined for landfills, and use it to create new cotton, polyester and rayon fibres meeting the highest standards of design and quality.

The result is an 80% reduction in polluting emissions and a 98% savings in the amount of water needed to produce conventional virgin cotton, for premium textiles no longer dependent on the volatile cultivation of fibres.

Evrnu is positioning itself as a source of custom-made fibres that are consistent and uncompromising, both in terms of quality and the environment. Its clients include textile fibre producers and spinning mills eager to engage in a modern and circular fashion economy.

A new business model marked by innovation and creativity, to help lead the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future.


To meet up with Evrnu, go to the Smart Square, Hall 3.