Updating S/S20: decoration

A spring-summer season that celebrates decoration with flair, backed by a desire for bright, even slightly synthetic, colours.

Beyond the multi-coloured graphic imbrications and the stylised flowers and foliage worked in flat tints, what stands out this season are abstract graphics, with the clear dominance of colourful dilutions:

Tie-dyes, hazy graduations, iridescent watercolours and other forms of pictorial blur get a broad positive vote.
Prints, along with graduated jacquards and yarn plays in wovens, blur how colours are perceived in the season’s materials.

Décors printemps-été 2020 - Laura Knoops

A vintage scarf spirit continues, giving an offbeat and quite funny spin to decoration. Motifs can now be worn for any occasion: boldly in a coordinated total look, with a clearly notably creative preference for bottoms, trousers and shorts.