Opening AW 20/21 : Fabrics

Volume, lightness and mobility joined in astonishing, lively materials

The autumn-winter 2020-21 season sees materials growing thicker to acquire both a protective volume and lightness with body. They puff up and adopt round and generous volumes, guided by a desire to beautify, and do good.
Sustainable development continues its advance, with a focus on attractive, extremely fashionable products. They are made from bio-sourced, recycled and recyclable materials, or with eco-friendly elasticities, notably for stretch knits, denims and suitings.

Refined density

On the one hand, materiality is expressed in delightful combinations of fineness and density, for minimum weights and unwavering ease, comfort and agility. On the other hand, fluidity enhances and thickens materials, for easy-living everyday apparel with updated aesthetics. Products invite multiple uses, providing innovative, responsible and pertinent solutions to the new urban e-mobility, with:

– impeccably firm and flexible felts, proving they can be dense and fine without being stiff or heavy. Quite crushed knits and finely brushed wool wovens closely resemble precious and comfortable suitings.

– firmly-set cottons, compacted to avoid any rigidity and accompany the body with a well-meaning affinity. Innovative fibre blends update sturdy denims, with reassuringly full handles.

– denser synthetics with extra-fine textures, ready to stand up to anything and attractive as well, with mysterious colours, discreet shine and delicately moving surfaces.

Weightless volumes

Alongside a compressed aesthetic, the thrill is on for:
– the plump, the puffy, and the increased volume of airy, high-quality polar fleeces and fleecy broadcloths. Expanded embossings, honeycombs, crepons, pleated and quilted effects. Relief is accentuated by subtle, changing or eroded metallization.

– subtle and innovative handles, elaborated through blends of naturals and synthetics or new generation artificials. New velveties, gummy materials with perfectly matt materials, and silent diaphanous textiles lend a new, full and lively sensuality to autumn-winter 2021.

Thick but surprisingly light and moving, the autumn-winter 2020-21 textiles follow the body and protect it by forming a cosy defence, for a softer relationship with the world, to feel free, precious and deserving of all the attention.


Christoph Weber - inspiration ah 20-21

Christoph_Weber - inspiration AH 20-21

Discover the season in its totality at Première Vision Paris this 17th-19th septembre, as well as the decyphering of the season during our fashion TrendTasting seminars.