Leather selection S/S19

EXPLORATION : A season where leather combines ingenuity with quality and offers clever and playful developments.
The dictionary gives us the following definition of Exploration:
“Exploration is the act of seeking with the intention of discovering something unknown.”
But the subconscious mind can also embark on an Exploration, producing interesting results from an artistic perspective.
For Spring Summer 19, five intuitive, prospective or immediate explorations are planned.


This word has tended to disappear from daily usage and urgently needs to be revived.
The dictionary defines it as “what is out of the ordinary as a result of its enormous, imposing, colossal character” and “which is surprising in its behaviour”.
We undertake an Exploration of the unusual, the outsized, the grandiloquent, the fantastic and we are not short of arguments…


The second exploration is tactile. Tactile: “What is, or can be, sensed through touch”
A pragmatic exploration of the tactile world in a way that can be described as “too much”!
We will handle materials of absolute softness, or that set off an immediate repulsion-attraction.
Too soft, too prickly, too supple, too firm, too hot, too cold, too dry, too gelatinous…


We are fascinated by the influence of the animal world on contemporary creation.
Mimetism flirts elegantly with anthropomorphism or entomology and adopts astonishing forms. While hordes of wild animals and endearing monkeys swarm across designer backpacks and sweatshirts.


 “Intelligence is the thought process of a living being that allows it to understand, learn and adapt to situations.”
This Exploration of the kingdom of intelligence will reveal a prodigious spiral fanatic, obsessed by mirages and optical illusions. Connected to the poetry of space, it will invent luminous and sensitive materials capable of sending us into the stratosphere


 “That leaves a strong impression, that is expressive, significant, evocative and convincing”.
This is an Exploration of the world of decorations, additions, of joyful expression. A world of delicacy, where designs are precise and infinitely small. A world that is loving, optimistic and exhilarating.  An ironic naivety in sharp contrast with the baroque and the overladen, that will be illustrated by teeming prints and tender soft-focus screen prints