Coloristic preview of the autumn-winter 19/20 season

For the AW19/20 season, a quite distinctive approach to fantasy is conveyed by pairs of closely-related, refined colours from the Première Vision range *.
As a follow-up to the monochromes that played a major role for summer, colour continues to be worked in tone-on-tone in a strikingly subtle manner.

Like colour and its shadow, a more vivid shade coexists with its slightly muted version: Orange Fusion No. 3 and Mythical Russet No. 23, Synthetic Pink No. 8 and Floral Flesh No. 21, or a colder version, Oxidised Lagoon N. 10 and its darker alter ego Thorny Fuel No. 6.

This delicate elaboration of colour speaks to the work of ceramic artist Matthew Chambers, whose abstract sculptures are built by assembling several circular sections in sophisticated tonal shades.


Seo-Yeon Park’s work is inspired by the beautiful hues and undulations found in Georgia O’Keefe’s “Dark Iris”. Both the intense colours and simple forms are fundamental aspects of her porcelain creations.

* Exclusive Première Vision Colours, developped for the Women’s, Men’s, Casual, Sports,  but also Leather and Accessories markets.