Womenswear Best for S/S 2020


Movement, grace, elegance!
Fluidity is among the highest-ranking behaviours in women’s silkies and suitings. A supple and sensual comfort is looked for. Artificial fibres in blends, especially stretch blends, are climbing steadily in the results. Crêpes retain their place.


A touch of naturalness
Linen is in demand for women’s suits, but any rusticity is rejected. Only little plant-fibre slubs that liven up surfaces, along with a desire for natural handles, trigger choices. Here, buyers even make room for some dry handles.


The whim of the season
From fantasy woollens to jacquard silkies and yarn-dyed suitings, houndstooths and all their fanciful derivations attract buyers. Mid-sized or gigantic, mostly multi-coloured, and not of the discreet sort!  Summer jackets and coats are going to attract attention.


Catching the light
Shiny selections are equally divided. In silkies, satin weaves top choices. Metallics continue to be frequently cited, but they’re making way for pearly and matt/shine effects. In any case, for spring summer 20, shine on outerwear has to be discreet.


Singing in the rain!
A marked interest in performant finishings. Waterproof fantasy silkies and woollens, water-repellent suitings, and transparent coatings reach scores never before attained in these sectors.



Hidden sparkle
Just as in jackets and coats, the elected shiny looks are divided between pearly effects, wet shine and satin surfaces. While shirts and blouses look to remain moderately shiny, tee-shirts and knit tops, lace and embroidery will be more distinctly metallic, as indicated by the survey results.


Airily light
The richness and creativity of exhibitors’ proposals in silkies, knits and high fantasy boosted samplings of opalescent translucents, cut yarns, cottony voiles, fresh tulles and sheer knits. They want to lighten up as much as possible, they want to cover-up/uncover, we want fine overlays of colour!


Fabrics in motion
The fluidity looked for in tops is ideally soft or just a little bit technical, and above all ultra-light. Firmness and springiness lose ground in favour of more suppleness and comfort.


In dressy looks, an interest grows
In all the questions proposed in the Best survey, the number of replies citing responsibility doubled or even tripled in just one year! In certain sectors – lace, embroidery, dressy silkies –  sustainability is becoming a new given. Responsible finishings are particularly appreciated.