Best survey results Spring Summer 19

An overview of top picks by international fashion brands at the February 18 Première Vision Fabrics show reveals leading fabric and colour trends for Spring Summer 19.


Elegance and fantasy, the season’s two leaders, now share their reigning positions with more internalised values.
Primarily, fashion continues to favour aesthetic stories, yet today internal qualities, fabrics that make sense and visuals that speak true have become priorities.
Elegance, while still predominant, has steadily declined by 3% in 10 seasons and fantasy only barely holds on to second place. Today’s rising values are technicality, authenticity and sustainable development.
Calls for eco-friendly fabrics reached their highest score.
(In 2012, less than 1% of companies surveyed regarded them as a strongpoint of the season.)
This February 18, an interest in eco-friendly approaches truly increased.
Yet the rising current is still in its early stages: while good intentions are increasing, tangible action remains tentative in proportion.
Up till now a demand for recycled materials has dominated, this season “organic” natural fibres are the most requested.

Get all the fabric highlights by market, illustrated in detail by Best fabrics shot at the February 18 Première Vision Paris show.
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 – unisex casualwear 
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Take a look here at the 6 most popular colours for tops and outer layers in each of the 4 markets: a balancing act between colour intensity and brightness.