The Best Sport & Tech for S/S 2020


Elegant shine

The results are clear. For sport, apart from ripstops, calls for marked structures and weaves are being challenged: smooth weaves are back, satins are moving up, and shines attained via finishings are strong. Shiny coatings and calendered finishes are neck and neck. Sport is growing more sophisticated and citified by incorporating fashion codes.



Jacquards maintain their position

The appetite for fantasy is always high, but it’s specifically in tone-on-tone, matt/shiny fantasies where jacquards are in a high position. Checks and plaid are also cited, in tonal shades or weave plays.



Zero-gram flexibility

The search for performant lightness seems boundless. The preferred fabrics must be ever more featherweight, ever more waterproof, breathable and effective. What’s changing is that suppleness is clearly preferred over crispness and compactness. Silent fabrics are selected as a matter of priority. 



Enhanced naturals

For sports brands, naturalness as much about handle as it is about composition. Therefore natural feels / touches, compositions with a touch of cotton or synthetics with a cottony mattness attract the attention of outdoor-wear buyers.



A casual look

The high rankings for wrinkled and washed surfaces – even seersuckers –  confirm the trend to naturalness in performant technical products. These lively, poorly ironed or shivering surfaces lend personality and “casualize” future parkas and all-terrain jackets.



From raw materials to finishings

If there’s one sector where ecology is a given, it’s the sports and outdoor sector. Requests for recycled materials border on 40%, and responsible finishings such as PFC-free are constantly on the rise among the requests.