The Best Casual for S/S 2020


A visible neatness

In the casual universe, traditional sportswear weaves are losing ground. Twills, dobbies, and basket-wovens give way to plain weaves and poplin; satin is in 3rd place, but matt. Suppleness ranks high, as it does everywhere, but here compact and papery handles are always appreciated. In denim, Lyocells that emphasise a sensation of smoothness are also extensively selected.



Plant fibres at their peak

Linens and blends, with or without stretch, occupy the top spots in the rankings alongside cotton. Plant irregularities highlighted by the finishings and wash-outs attract notice. A touch of linen in yarn-dyeds is an appreciated plus.



Carefully studied nonchalance

Wrinkled aspects and moving surfaces have never been so well sampled in the casual and denim markets. They now compete with washings and wash-outs. Applied to neat aspects and satins, poorly-ironed effects lend personality, and a clearly sports-wear identity.


Tone-on-tone indigo

For denim, fantasy, in particular jacquards, remains highly sought-after. Soft washes that blur patterns are preferred over contrasting two-tones. Jacquards inspired by animal skins caught buyers’ attention; tone-on-tone prints are requested as a way to personalize.




A definitive given

The entire casualwear universe is strongly committed to responsible production, and recycled and organic fibres and fabrics rank higher here than in other sectors. But it’s in knits that the requests are practically unanimous – for all products, plain or fantasy. It’s often the first thing buyers ask about before making their choices.



Graphic tops

While multicolour is in demand everywhere else, it’s a very different story in casualwear. Here, two-tones take the lead. Linked to the notion of simplicity, which is also emphasised, we can expect graphic T-shirts and shirts and. Ginghams and stick stripes in wovens, bayadere stripes in knits. And, nevertheless, some occasional tri-tones.



Always different

Fleeces and terries remain well-ranked thanks to the multiple proposals from the sector’s exhibitors. Finer, creamier or spongier, with a hint of linen or viscose, they constantly update these sportswear classics, to the delight of buyers.