Best Active sports & outdoor

Buyers in this sector are moving away from a natural spirit to concentrate on smoothness and the visibly synthetic. All types of shine are popular.

Buyers are also interested in handles that pack a real surprise. Whether crispy or fluid, handles and behaviours in this sector are getting a lot more attention.

Sustainable development, a pioneer in this sector, is now simply indispensable.

Winning reflections

Shine is back in sports! And not shy about it. The smooth dazzle of satiny surfaces and the precious reflections of silky gleam are elbowing to elbow with high-shine vinyl coatings and metallics. Urban and glamorous outdoor wear is on the horizon.


Synthetic perfection

The appeal of wool or cotton handles is losing momentum in this sector,

in favour of synthetics. It’s the softness of extremely smooth polyesters and impeccably even polyamides that attracts buyers. Fine taffetas come first, followed by satins which see spectacular growth, rising 14 points in one year. And for the first time, stretch blends surpass 100% synthetics.


Special handles

The smoother the surface, the more fabrics need to differentiate, and assert their tactile personality. Papery handles appeal to buyers for their crispiness and their “lived-in” aspects, their random wrinklings. Waterproof and windproof fabrics are now shiny and crunchy. Chosen mostly in light, sometimes semi-transparent, versions, their appeal lies in their strong and protective lightness.


Decorative knits

Sport knits play with fantasy – and buyers like it! A growing demand for jacquards for athleisure tee-shirts and even outdoor sweatshirts. Mainly preferred in monochrome for large patterns and in two-tone for geometric versions. Fast-dry jerseys also grow more fanciful, beyond the standard piqués.