The Best Colours of S/S 2020

An overview of the choices made by international fashion brands at the February 19 Première Vision Paris show unveils the major fabric and colour trends for spring summer 2020. Please note that the exact, actual colours are to be found in our exclusive colour range.

The season is particularly committed to colour. In a rare occurrence in the Best survey, the range’s riskiest colours are the highest rated. Buyers are confidently determined to lead us into a dazzling season.



Best Women SS20 - Premiere Vision Paris

Thunderous, boiling, solar! Inner and outer layers are of a pair in their appetite for colour. Rules are reversed, and tried and true values are minimised in favour of audacity.



Best Men SS20 - Premiere Vision Paris

Fresh and natural jackets and pants, effervescent and grating shirtings.



Best Casual SS20 - Premiere Vision Paris

Pale tones and luminosity for casualwear, with freshened-up jackets and pants, and fruit-flavoured tops.



Best Sport & Tech SS20 - Premiere Vision Paris

A fine balance between active vitamin-boosted shades, and urban activities.