The Spring Summer 23 Film

The Première Vision film invites us to explore the themes, colors and materials of spring-summer 23 – a season speaking to the fashion industry’s new challenges, of the search for a balance between virtuous design and frivolity. It evokes synergies between sustainability and anticipation, and dialogues between naturalness and technology.

Spring summer 23 is taking shape energetically, reflecting a complex world where the sustainable and the frivolous, the natural and the artificial, the real and the virtual all interact.

Interspersing the film’s chapters are chromatic sequences illustrating the color range in images.

Discover the film in its entirety, dive into the spring-summer 23 season!

The chapters focused on sustainability are echoed in strong and deep-rooted colors, shades drawn from the earth and the plant world.

To innovate while embracing this sustainability, the film draws on biomimicry, a source of inspiration and creation, a link between nature and technology.

The chapters with themes related to nature and fantasy are conveyed by vigorously vibrant hues and dynamic synthetic colors, reinvigorated by a perfect and technical white.
An immediate visual impact, a graphic simplicity underlining a confident decorative excess.

Finally, sensitive nuances, tender alliances between blues and pinks, tell stories of water – another of nature’s inspiring elements – in all its states.

Lastly, the real/virtual dimension relates the fluctuations between imaginary and immaterial spaces, and unexplored natural spaces.

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