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Each year for over ten years, the PV Awards have been showcasing the most creative and ground-breaking fabrics and leathers at Première Vision Fabrics and Première Vision Leather. The PV Awards are thus at the very centre of major fashion developments, addressing the focal needs of designers and allowing them to generate new creative momentum.


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This edition notably highlights the major shift eco-responsibility is taking in terms of suppliers’ product developments. Eco-responsibility is clearly no longer an end in itself, and is now positioned to serve the creative process by becoming its driving force.


The PV Fabrics Grand Jury Prize 2019 goes to Luigi Colombo (Italy)


The Grand Jury Prize is awarded to the most surprising, symbolic and relevant fabric of the season.

Fabrics | Woollens | Lanificio Luigi Colombo Spa, Italy| Ref : 50560/U/4165 – 50560/U/4165 |100% CA | See more



The Grand Jury Prize-winning fabric is a wool from Lanificio Luigi Colombo. This lightweight 100% cashmere wool broadcloth has a firm hand with a zibeline-style finish, which was then treated with a specific polyurethane blend, an unusual direction for cashmere. There’s an attractive and extremely modern contrast between the softness of the cashmere inside and the springiness of the fabric, situating it between the luxury of the cashmere and a very performant handle.


The PV Fabrics Fashion Smart Creation Prize 2019 goes to Bonotto (Italy)


The Fashion Smart Creation Prize rewards the most responsible and creative fabric and leather.



Fabrics | Woollens | Bonotto, Italy| Ref : 1284/R.225 – 1284/R.225 100% RECYCLED| 100%PL RECYCLED| See more


The winner of the Fashion Smart Creation Fabric was created by Italy’s Bonotto. This 100% recycled polyester fabric has received the Global Recycled Standard label and is made from recycled water bottles. A polyester twill with a hybrid weight between dress weight and a soft ensemble weight, it is yarn-dyed with a windowpane motif.


What is unique about this fabric is its exceptionally fluid handle, remarkable for a recycled polyester fabric, and its use of yarn dyeing, which makes it possible to play on the motif’s colour and fantasy – also a rare feature in a recycled polyester.


This twill with the feel of wool, a matte surface and dry handle is fully in line with classic men’s suiting fabrics.


Here the plaid, while classic, is offset by graphic colours on a black background and fluorescent accents. The interpretation thus becomes feminine and Techno at the same time. This is a very contemporary interpretation of a suiting, or “Trash becomes luxury”, as the president of Bonotto, points out.


The PV Fabrics Handle Prize 2019 goes to Lyria (Italy)

The Handle Prize is awarded to the fabric with the most astonishing tactile properties and the strongest emotional impact.

Fabrics | Colour-woven | Lyria., Italy| Ref : 51113010 – PIANKI.D2 |68%WV 32%PL | See more



This dry, dense and firm wool suiting is fully in line with a revamped approach to tailoring products. Its density, springiness and appealing handle evoke both the authentic feel of an old-fashioned suiting and a new generation of ultra-modern polyester. A fabric that brings together all the elements preferred by Riccardo Bruni, CEO of Lyria, who defines it as “Timeless.”



The PV Fabrics Imagination Prize 2019 goes to Jakob Schlaepfer (Switzerland)


The Imagination Prize recognizes the most outstanding and original fabric in terms of decoration, technique, finish, innovation or technology. 



Fabrics | Lace | Jakok Schlaepfer, Switzerland  |100% PE | See more



This is a laser-cut lace, woven in 3D and reassembled with interlaced laser-cut yarns: “It’s a fundamentally new approach in the construction of hand-made weaves,” explains Jakob Schlaepfer. “Instead of the process of crossing warp and weft yarns, the new fabric is penetrated and defined by ribbons.


“The individual components were laser-cut from a shiny polyester fabric. The construction is characterized by a specially developed design composition, without stitches or glue. This gives it a mobility that leads to the transformable and three-dimensional properties of the design”.


The developments honoured by the PV Awards at this edition are strongly indicative of a major turning point in the textile sector.


In a coming article, discover the leathers that received PV Awards at the September show.


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