The Best Sport & Tech for spring-summer 21

There’s a refocusing taking place in the sport and performance universe, and hybrid crosses with chic citywear are on the decline. The demand for accrued technology and eco-responsibility is inescapable. To be at one with nature, to keep up with the entire range of sporting activities from the recreational to the extreme, the most-often selected fabrics have a natural look, are lighter and fresher, while incorporating enhanced functions. Also worth noting in this sector is a growing demand for exclusive prints: decoration is another road to differentiation.
You can find the these sportwear fabrics, as revealed by the Best survey, at the Première Vision Marketplace to source online.

Sport & outdoor

Wrinkled surfaces
The urge for freshness is omnipresent and a casual feel infuses the choices for high-performance fabrics. Breathable/waterproofs, wind-proofs and even high-strength fabrics are liked for their irregular, slightly wrinkled, naturally lively surfaces.

Crispy translucence
A search for lightness recurs in the choices made by sport and outdoor specialists. This season, that search conveys a desire for firmer handles: wind-breakers with papery handles, waterproofs with a tracing-paper feel, or extra-fine, solidified knits.

Cottony mattness
In this universe, synthetics must meet a requirement for a natural look or feel. The figures show a rise in matt polyester jacket and pant weights, protective polyamides with a cottony aspect and handle, in 100% versions or blended with cotton.

Scintillating metallics
A hint of fantasy creeps in for protective outerwear. Coatings are chosen for their discreetly precious reflections, and a priority is given to finishing that accentuate the luminosity of fabrics without weighing them down.



Bi-stretch solidity
Knits for water sports need to be compact and strong, with higher and higher percentages of stretch. Demand is driven by two factors: resistance to the elements and perfect hold for more intense sports.

Rippled surfaces
For women’s swimwear, selections single out raised fantasies. For leisure rather than active sport purposes, buyers like lively textures, knits with creponnings and shirring effects.

Graphic neatness
While printed fantasies are making overall gains in the sports universe, it’s in swimwear where they are most in demand. Most often, exclusive designs are requested, with a search for sharp contrasts in stripes and graphic geometries forming a common denominator.  

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