Tanneries Roux gives continued life to its know-hows

Originating from Roman sur Isère, Tanneries Roux has been working leather since 1803. The company has made a lasting name in a milieu and region that was originally very competitive. Today, it diversifies its offer by placing authenticity and the environment at the heart of its concerns.

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Specializing in calf leather, Tanneries Roux is particularly known for its smooth, natural, drummed and supple articles, with a round handle for leather goods. They are nevertheless pursuing research to expand their offer, with for example lighter leathers, new colours, and historic finishes that they are seeking to revive with the help of traditional craftsmen who retain the necessary expertise to elaborate these oft-forgotten know-hows.


With its own designer and an attentive ear to the market and fashion trends, the company develops two collections each year in addition to meeting the demands of its clients, of course. Its new offer for the Blossom show aims to update traditional leather goods and footwear classics, like box, supple or oiled calf with surface treatments including patinas, uncovered leathers, burnishing, graduations and even inkjet printings.

At Tanneries Roux, ecology is not just a word. It treats all its wastewater in its own treatment plant. It is also developing synthetic tanning to offer chrome-free articles. And it recovers all its leather waste, so as not to waste precious materials.

n mot, puisqu’elle traite toutes ses eaux usées dans une station d’épuration personnelle. Elle développe aussi le tannage synthétique pour proposer des articles sans chrome. Et elle récupère tous les déchets de cuir qu’elle revend pour ne rien gaspiller de la précieuse matière.

Let’s meet them at Blossom Première Vision, next 4 and 5 July!

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