Spring-Summer 24 Style Focus: sporty lifestyle

Spring Summer 2024 continues rolling out hybrid style sectors – especially crossovers of city and sport – for permeable style universes.

Driven by the incessant desire for change, the season’s silhouettes really pump up the energy. The weights of materials and their destined uses push us to shake-up pre-established dress codes, embrace a more sensitive tech aesthetic, and strive for motion. 

Pants & dresses 

Make way for fabrics that seamlessly transpose the sporty universe into our everyday lives. Silkies and suitings borrow technical features from the sport universe, while materials   

commonly associated with Sport & Tech wear are infused with shine, and take their inspiration from evening wear.

These versatile fabrics find a place in outer wear, forging bridges between the various universes. Dresses and pants evolve toward hybrid uses while cultivating the art of layering.

Techno-sensitive materials

Couture fabrics for Spring-Summer 2024 meld climate protection and elegance, ensuring seductive appeal in any kind of weather.

Asymmetrical, trimmed with exaggerated ruffles or high-fitting collars, flowy or tightly fitting dresses take their inspiration from luxury style codes, hurtling them into the future. These are dresses that make striding through the city, racing down boulevards and weathering the last of winter’s storms a breeze.

Innovative and graceful, silks and satins feature water-repellent properties. Taffeta surfaces come alive with vibrations and flashes of light to sparkle on our e-bikes. The use of stretch silk lends glamor and comfort. Tangy colors are a spur to action. Their vitality is heightened by translucent textures.

Cycling knits

These outfits all feature a strong focus on knits, promising ease and elegance.

Biking shorts and second-skin suits are inspired by speed sports like competitive cycling.

Anatomical, ultra-stretch knits can be freely layered with fluid fabrics to produce an explosive interplay of materials and colors. New-generation seamless and quick-dry knits are characterized by their exceptionally light weights, while also featuring micro-ventilation and precise stitch plays to provide breathable properties. Knit structures are more firmly set, updating shapewear. Innovative knitting techniques and skillfully placed jacquards mark out reinforced and openwork areas, to slim and emphasize certain parts of the body.

Yoga knits

The success and growing popularization of soft sports such as yoga are redefining the concept of clothing comfort, integrating it into our everyday lives. The latest blends combine cellulosic fibers and recycled synthetics. Finishes are finely powdered, talc-like, or subtly glossy. These fabrics are no longer confined to sport apparel, and are being integrated into our everyday wardrobes. They are particularly destined for drapings to interwork in dress necklines.

Tops and tees

A certain fluidity moves into the season’s tops. New compositions facilitate motion. Their finishes show off a subtle shine and grow more sophisticated.

Fluid sweatshirts

Sweatshirts have softer handles. They break away from classic sport codes to forge hybrid crossovers with leisurewear, with a more aesthetically sensitive approach in technical qualities. Blends incorporate viscose and target a greater feeling of substance. Surfaces softly gleam. Jerseys, interlocks and French terries have pulpy aspects, perfect for luxury sweatshirts. When oversized, they can be teamed with body-skimming pieces to accentuate the contrast, and upset the classic balance of the silhouette.

Slippery knits

Cellulosic fibers grow more sophisticated, leading to more virtuous versions. The smooth, shiny look of these refined versions steers them toward more city uses. These slippery knits are intended for tops and dresses to be worn next to the skin. Styles are pared down. Sleeveless, mock-turtleneck versions are layered under draped tops to reveal snatches of bright color. Occasionally, cut-out or revealing details expose the skin, exuding a heightened femininity.

Lingerie style

The lingerie sector is undergoing a real transformation, proving that it’s now possible to combine sexy appeal with freedom of movement.

Bras and bustiers are updated with fancy lace and high-performance features. Free of underwires and ribs, they can be worn over nearly see-through tops. Bi-stretch knits can adjust to all morphologies without constricting the body and embrace inclusivity. Romantic flowers give way to more abstract or geometric designs, imagined in tender pastel tones.

Mesh and fishnet forge new links between beachwear, lingerie and citywear. Plays on scale reveal occasional glimpses of skin. While ultra-light and almost impalpable on the skin, these knits are nonetheless brimming with breathable properties to ensure optimal ventilation. A perfect balance of technical sophistication and sensual appeal!


Shoe accessories lend a futuristic touch to this sexy and sporty outfit. High boots are imagined as sleekly designed as possible. 

Bags and Shoes

Shoe accessories lend a futuristic touch to this sexy and sporty outfit. High boots are imagined as sleekly designed as possible. Perched atop sturdy, oversized blocky heels, the look is streamlined and dynamic. Leathers reveal a techno-sensitive, colorful, patent-leather look. They feature wet or lacquered aspects, embellished on the surface with iridescence and digital nuances. Transposed into a palette of artificial pastels, the various shoe components are frenetically stacked to offer up designs that are at once highly colorful and pared-down.

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