Spring-Summer 24 Style Focus: Artistic blur

Spring Summer 2024 blurs the lines, inviting us to revisit romantic influences. Hop aboard for a pleasantly strange dream-world that opens the way to a more versatile aesthetic.

A dreamscape illustrated by a mirage-like silhouette effortlessly combining evanescence and fluidity. Decorations foster an aesthetic marked by an unsettling poetry, prompting us to wander through a dreamlike world, and gleefully transforming uncertainty into serendipity.  

Tops – Shirts

Designed to disrupt the underlying message, this outfit multiplies its plays on layerings and graphic effects. Fluid tee-shirts combine the comfort of a knit with the elegance of a silky. Long-sleeved tops are worn ultra-close to the body, with big shoulder slits to show off the skin. Here, decorations convey a misty universe, hovering between vaguely defined landscapes and random curves. Digital technology is mixed with hand craftsmanship and ancestral painting techniques. Abstract designs mimic digital photographs reworked in watercolors, with the diffuse look of vast luminous halos. Warm and cool hues blend and fuse to evoke an overexposed sunset merging with the sea.

To round out these super tight tops, we can imagine sleeveless and asymmetrical sweatshirts in surprisingly puffy knits. Their smooth handles contrast with the fineness of the layers worn underneath. There’s a deft play on a range of different handles, to achieve neat effects with a more or less pronounced look.


Pants – dresses

Multi-layered tops can be paired with fluidly draped pants to add even more contrast to the overall look.

These are pants made in mixed blends of natural and man-made fibers, with an emphasis on recycled materials. The new suitings are more supple and decorated with blurry motifs. We waver between chiné, thrown or blurry effects, occasionally culminating in dip-dye or shibori effects. Iconic suiting stripes are reinvented in somewhat less neat, more vibrant versions.

A more virtuous approach is often favored with the use of recycled fibers, which also ensure the uniqueness of the material.

Colors emphasize dark, dense pigments, such as “dark violet” or “stormy grey”, emphasizing a feeling of strangeness, and introducing us to a new vision of romanticism.

Bag and shoes

The outfit is paired with slouchy thigh-high boots, like waders, whose distinct look calls for leathers of a matchless suppleness. On the surface, skins are given a chromatic blur, and imparted a luxurious nobility via exceptional irregularities. Mottled renderings, or tie-dye effects, evoke supernatural animal motifs, evoking leopards and reptiles from another world. Earth-oxide hues are obtained through a palette of colors that blend and merge. They call to mind damp earths and warm soils, such as “golden sand” or “mudbath” from the Première Vision Paris color range.

Bags have ultra-soft volumes, in the vein of neo clutches, to wear night or day. They’re embellished with surface prints – representing abstract flora, with fused-looking flowers and shadowy foliage, intertwined in darkened clouds. Motifs feature neat and regular linear patterns drawn on shades of gray, like the season’s “stormy grey” hue. Adorning the bags are buckles made of resin and worked transparently, flaunting graduated tones and chromatically diffuse effects, as if diluted in a pool of colored water. Snap closures bet on the softness of pastels, like psychedelic rainbows designed to embellish our everyday.

To accessorize the look, hats alternate between elegant cloches to sporty bucket hats. They’re decorated in organic designs, from abstract plant motifs to whimsical animals.

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