Spring-Summer 24 Style Focus: Luminous Vibrations

Spring-Summer 2024 reflects the growing divide between the real world and the digital universe, a division marking all aspects of our daily lives. Brands are communicating in an increasingly digital way about tangible products with very real impacts.

Yet the opposition between the real and virtual worlds can also inspire great creativity. While 3D artists strive to better reproduce the actual texture and movement of living things, weavers and tanners draw inspiration from digital creations to introduce an element of intangibility to their products.

Here are Première Vision’s proposals for accessories drawn from the realm of the unreal, full of luminous vibrations.


 Hobo bags make a big comeback this season. Its straightforward assembly and roomy interior make it a great choice for travel. 
In its modern iteration, it pairs well with the most cutting-edge and sophisticated silhouettes. Here, a leather version with a holographic shine for festive evening peregrinations.


This season, leathers are adorned in luminous reflections. These iridescent shimmers alter our relationship to color, and impart movement to bright and pastel hues. Shines are pearly, subtle, never flashy. They act as filters, enhancing leather skins that look transported from another world.

Accessories & Components

Accessories are also bathed in myriad reflections, with light employed to catch the eye across all product categories. Whether made of metal, plastic or paper, even the most utilitarian components are now in the limelight.


 The hot shoe this season is the bedazzled sneaker. Once prized principally for their comfort and technical qualities, sneakers are now veritable fashion accessories. Brands go head to head to outdo each other creatively, playing with the most daring colors, textures and motifs. Here, a grating green upsets a mix of warm tones. The strap is itself a jewel, breaking all the established codes by introducing a precious dimension to this urban shoe. For modern-day princes and princesses.

Bag & Shoe Fabrics 

On the textile side, the otherworldly urge is reflected in unreal materials. Sometimes rubbery, sometimes glossy, they come in hard-candy shades to liven up technical surfaces.  Motifs with an organic perfection evoke the cute ‘kawaii’ universe of video games.

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