S/S21 Style Focus : the sport silhouettes

A desire for freedom and movement fuelled the spring-summer 21 season at both Première Vision Paris and Première Vision Sport in Portland. Sports activities are on the rise, inviting new aesthetic and functional bridges thanks to new, carefully considered developments in materials and accessories.

Four sports silhouette highlights to keep in mind for Spring Summer 21:

Active & feminine
The quest for wellbeing spills over into every moment of daily life and is becoming a real lifestyle.
Clothing hybrids bridging the home, the gym and the office are multiplying, giving rise to new needs.
These favour more feminine and fluid lines, with softer, yet no less effective, performance. Sporty dresses and skirts step into the spotlight.

Making waves
Water sports are gaining ground, spanning lakes, rivers and the high seas. Forging upstream, gliding in mid-waters, combining running, hiking and swimming, there’s no limit to new and inventive ways to be at one with nature’s elements. Streamlined and aerodynamic silhouettes move freely from water to open air. Sheathing or body-mapped swimsuits highlight bodies with a graphic and functional elegance.


High-level trekking
Thrill-seekers add speed and freedom to the traditional list of high-altitude challenges, and become one with nature. Minimal, efficient, ultra-compactable equipment has to focus on the essential, for climbs and ascents in trail-running, biking or e-biking mode, and forging across the trails. The silhouette can be modified at will via lightweight layers – to handle perspiration, muscle recovery, and stand up to any and all weather conditions.

Urban dynamism
The functional cuts and details of workwear and protective clothing give a re-fresh to chic city looks thanks to the fineness and freshness of cotton.
Intelligent, anti-shock, agile and multifunctional garments and accessories outfit everyday superheroes.
Distilled performance, ready to face the city by day or by night, under the burning sun or in the rain.

Discover the Sport & Tech fabric selection as analyzed by our fashion team at the Première Vision Marketplace here.

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