Preview Decoration AW 25-26: Fusion of styles and extravagance

Embracing excess and targeting the exceptional, developments for Autumn-Winter 25-26 freely mix up fashion codes, breaking down the barriers between universes and challenging aesthetic boundaries.

Alongside a Minimalist Excellence, the season also reveals an extravagant and inclusive direction, blurring borders not just between feminine and masculine but across generations as well. References to the past, to heritage, serve as ingredients to open up new creative avenues. This trend revives interest in the rich tradition of textiles, fueled by a taste for second-hand and upcycling. Colors, techniques, patterns, and textures alternate across surfaces, scales expand, and fringes grow longer. With an eye to excess, surfeit and profusion, textiles double down on texture and substance – they’re lively and moving.

In jacquards and prints, this notion of excess comes through in oversized patterns where motifs and graphic codes are fused and blended, with juxtapositions of matte and shiny looks.
Increasingly tactile jacquards showcase a range of fibers, materials and techniques all across the same surface.

Classic checks are blown up to XXL formats, becoming blurred, or chaotically disrupted. They are broken down in a range of across-the-board techniques, from jacquards, mohairs and corduroys, to flocked and over-embroidered versions in an upcycled vein.

Shines are mobile and fluid, moiré and multicolored. They borrow the hues of the Northern Lights. Gold bursts forth from embroideries, infiltrating cut-yarn and fringed jacquards, in a surge of unapologetic opulence.

Extravagance also materializes in lush fake furs, cut-yarn jacquards, and fringed embroideries, where furry looks stands in for motifs, playing on their length, shine and texture, flirting with extravagance.

Discover all the most representative textiles, patterns, leathers and accessories of the season, selected by the PREMIERE VISION fashion team, in the Inspiration and Sourcing Solutions Forums.

And don’t miss the AW25-26 Fashion Seminar
A fashion seminar diving into the key trends and highlights of the AW 25-26 season, targeting fabrics, leathers, accessories and patterns. With a decoding of the exclusive color range and all the the key harmonies for collection development.

A 50-min. talk, free entry, with: Lucie Jeannot / Première Vision Fashion Team

2 July 10am
3 July 12pm
4 July 11am
Simultaneous English translation available on your smartphone – don’t forget your earphones!

After the show, download the SEASON REPORT, with decodings of all the trends, materials, and eco-innovations of the season.

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