Preview Leather AW 25-26: Focus on French Tanners

Among the highlights of the upcoming Première Vision Paris show, running 2 to 4 July, a unique showcase in the Leather zone of the Inspiration forum shines a spotlight on French tanneries.

This special project initiated by the Première Vision Leather team unites a selection of French tanners, with their outstanding expertise, and Les Teintures de France, specialists in exceptional finishing

Each tannery was invited to present two to three iconic leathers from its collections, declined in the warm hues of the season’s color range. Each of the samples will be presented in two versions on the forum: in a pure, minimalist version, and a second ennobled by Les Teintures de France

These two distinct yet complementary variations echo the season’s theme: the Autumn-Winter 25-26 collections are a tale of two directions, with the need for sobriety and discretion on one hand, and an appetite for a certain creative extravagance on the other.

In leather, minimalist excellence shines through in inherently beautiful noble skins. In the face of the excess and abundance of our times, these leathers stand for quality and excellence, as luxurious products embodying exceptional craftsmanship.

Indeed, French tanneries are unique in that they remain highly specialized and rooted in a particular territory. Depending on the region and the traditions, they work with skins such as calfskin, with its sparsely covered grain; goatskin, for leather goods; or vegetable-tanned lambskin. In addition to these traditional products, France is also home to innovations such as marine leather and even stretch leather. 

Each of these houses is heir to a centuries-old tradition, a precious heritage constantly reinterpreted through creative developments, while respecting the strictest standards of traceability and harmlessness. Unparalleled practices that have earned them the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label

Join us at Première Vision Paris to discover the exclusive, experimental versions of these leathers, ennobled by Les Teintures de France.

On 2 July at 10 a.m., don’t miss the Leather Seminar, during which Première Vision’s Leather expert will present the latest sustainable innovations and the season’s major creative directions. The presentation will be followed by a discussion with participants from the French Tanners x Les Teintures de France project (in French, with English dubbing).

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