Preview Sport & Outdoor AW 25-26: Squared perfection

For the season’s technical fabrics geared to sports and outdoor activities, it’s all about precision. Weights are calibrated to perfectly accommodate lightness and strength, protective functions are adapted according to use, and woven or knitted constructions are elaborated with mathematical regularity.

This new take on perfectionist design is characterized by regular constructions and surfaces, where weaves and unravelable circular knits feature square structures. 

Piqués, honeycombs and micro-jacquards create neat grid patterns for breathable, quick-drying tops. In terms of climatic options, fleeces in recycled synthetics or wool blends feature checkerboard-patterned reverse sides. 

In the outerwear category, triple-layer, waterproof and breathable membranes as well as down-filled fabrics are enriched by fancy square weaves and jacquards with grid patterns on the inside.

Variations on ripstop are used on trouser weights and outdoor windbreakers, with checks revisited as recessed honeycomb structures, through disappearing yarns, or as an extra thickness on translucent bases.

These structural plays on knits and functional fabrics strike a new balance between graphic simplicity and the detail that makes all the difference.

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