MUST-HAVE colours for S/S 21 womenswear 

Marked by a lovely balance between warm and cool tones, the spring-summer 21 colour range reveals the season’s key ideas. Blues are expressed in either monochrome or celestial tone-on-tone versions. “Sky on earth,” a pale blue, materialises the air as if seeking to impart substance to the elements. Like the metaphor of a season striving to move forward, “blue leap” broadens the field of possibilities to dive into a positive future. Warm shades like “honey beam” and “feral earth” burst with benevolent light, and embrace a call for dynamism.


Bright and exhilarating, nature also gives a boost to next summer’s colour harmonies and is keen to show off its incredible creative powers.



Check out our selection of fabrics reflecting colour harmonies for the women’s market drawn from the Première Vision colour range for S/S 21.


Click here to view the exclusive shades in the Première Vision Spring-Summer 21 colour range!


In the women’s segment, harmonies are remarkably well balanced between warm and cool tones, and artfully contrast with shades whose couleur depth ranges from frugal pales to bold, invigorating synthetic colours.




Jackets and ensembles



For jackets and ensembles, solid colours are preferred for monochrome or multi-coloured tone-on-tone uses, which are clear creative directions this season.


Serene and calm, the frugal pale shades such as “sky on earth” blue and neutrals like “buttery moss” and “limestone” are interesting on fabrics with a cottony or linen-y irregularity to really show these shades off to their best advantage. Here we can envision suits, long split skirts and trousers with marked pleats, for urban and relaxed outfits with a denim influence, which was very much in evidence at the most recent S/S fashion shows.


The look also strives to hit a confident and assured note, with strong-shouldered silhouettes. Lengths are elongated to the extreme, and skirts play on contrasting proportions, split on the sides and exaggerated by the use of strong and energetic colours such as “raspberry botox” or “blue leap”.


Jacquards lean heavily on geometric motifs in micro or maxi versions. Their visual impact is accentuated by the alternation of cool shades such as ” blue leap “ and warm, even benevolent colours such as “honey beam”.





Fabrics | Plain| VELCOREX Since 1828, France | Réf : QF00004073 – Co : EL PASO | 99%CO 1%E | See more




Fabrics | Knits| RDD Textiles, Portugal | Réf : MIDTONE021 – Co : mid.tone by RDD | Natural Dyed American Fleece | 100% CO | See more




Fabrics | Plain | Marini Industrie, Italy | Réf : 3682ORG – Co : 3682ORG | 62%LI 36%VI 2%EA | See more




Fabrics | Jacquard | malfroy million, France | Réf : 30027 – Co : jacquard mini | 50%CO 27%PL 23%PA | See more



Fabrics | Jacquard | CANEPA SPA, Italy | Réf : 245562 – Co : B8404AAA | CO 45% PL 38% PA 17% | See more





Tops & dresses



This spring-summer 21, nature slips into every creative direction, and remains an inexhaustible font of inspiration to express colour harmonies. Nature this season is truly exalted, happily blooming on tops and dresses worked in fuller volumes. Full and bright colourways borrow the shades of plant-life in a lush tropical jungles, or the acid flowers comprising an outsized bouquet.



Tunic dresses and tops are elaborated in batiste-style cottony bases, decorated with simplified floral motifs, in colour schemes paying homage to flowers and fruits that are acidic, almost synthetic, like “plastic violet”. These colourways underscore the fullness of ruffles or sleeves. Very short dresses and tops with shirred gathers, cut close to the body like second-skins, are worked in lace with climbing-flower motifs.



Decoration also favours abstract, watercolour florals, with bouquets in extra-large versions where colour harmonies strike a balance between acidic tones and sensual neutrals such as “buttery moss” or the blue sky “sky on earth”. Occasionally, flowers go in for simplicity, with emptied designs that give full bloom to their plant-green “menthol-foam” grounds, evoking the fresh, springy smell of a fresh-mowed lawn.



Fabrics | Embroidery | Suzhou Raylace Textile&Technology Co.,LTD, China | Réf : RB7216-2 – Co : eyelet embroidery | 100%cotton | See more




Fabrics | Lace | FUJIAN LIZHIYING KNITTING CO.,LTD, China | Réf : 871049C – Co : 871049C | Cotton, Viscose | See more



Fabrics | Jacquard | SKYTEX, China | Réf : SKFH913112 – Co : ULTRA LIGHT SILK FABRIC | S100% | See more




Fabrics | Prints | DEVEAUX SAS, France | Réf : BYZANCE /IMP-30275-GW01 (200233) – Co : BYZANCE /IMP 30275 GW01| 100%POLYESTER| See more



Fabrics | Jacquard | malfroy million, France | Réf : 30003 – Co : jacquard bollywood| 84% PL 16%POLYMETAL| See more




Whether boasting airy monochromes or tone-on-tones, or the vivid harmonies of an exalted nature, the colour range for next season’s womenswear is deliciously balanced between cool, serene and energizing tones, and warm tones with a comforting, positive light


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