Interview with Marie Hiriart Carriat, CEO of Rémy Carriat

The Marketplace continues to expand with the opening of a Leather boutique. This now gives the Première Vision Paris Leather exhibitors access to its B2B digital platform.


To mark this new step, we wanted give the floor to the Rémy Carriat Tannery.  Founded in 1927 by Mr and Mrs Rémy Carriat, the Rémy Carriat Tannery perpetuates a tradition of making the finest leathers destined for uses as diverse as saddlery and leather goods, footwear and upholstery. Today, it is a renowned supplier in these fields, and is strengthening its international presence.


The tannery is particularly renowned for its selection of exquisite young bull and buffalo calf skins, as well as for its expertise in tanning, currying and finishing.



“We’re midway between industry and artisanal craftsmanship” Marie Hiriart Carriat


Marie Hiriart Carriat, CEO of Rémy Carriat,

centre, surrounded by her children Maïa and Guillaume and her father Jacques.




Discover an interview with Marie Hiriart Carriat who, through her role as CEO of the Rémy Carriat Tannery, is perpetuating the tradition of her family’s business.


Let’s start by asking you to introduce yourself.


I’m Marie Hiriart Carriat, the heir to a family business that has been crafting leathers for decades.



What made you choose your profession?


It wasn’t really a choice but more of a duty to carry on the work of my grandfather and later my father. I arrived at a time when the tannery needed to take a new direction, and head for new horizons. So I joined the tannery with these new challenges and with a desire to innovate.


What is distinctive about your company and its products?


Buffalo and bull calf, which have very specific properties, and which we use to create an offer of various articles adapted and adaptable to many sectors.




Can you tell us something about your clients?


Most of our work is for accessories –  leather goods, small leather goods, and belts –  but our products are also used for decoration, riding saddlery, footwear and even clothing. Our clients are increasingly discerning, and they’re looking for items with aspects, handles and colours that will help them to stand out. Each request represents a new challenge to overcome. We also create technical items that meet nautical and aviation standards, and anyone who uses leather can do business with us.

About 35% of our turnover is generated by export sales.



What are your company’s values?


Our foremost value is perpetuating a tradition by making the finest quality products for the luxury market.

Additionally, we propose in-stock items that can be purchased by the unit for small quantities or new industry players.

The fact that this is a family business is also very important to our company.



More and more brands are committing to an eco-responsible approach. Do you think that creativity and eco-responsibility are compatible in the leather sector?


It mustn’t be forgotten that working with leather is a recycling process. Within the tannery, and this has been true from the beginning, we have always paid attention to water consumption and all the products included in our formulas. An eco-responsible approach is vital today for our customers.






What are the colour and finishing inspirations and highlights for your summer 20 collection?


We adapt to what our clients ask for in terms of creating new items and developing new colour schemes.

For our new collection, we worked on lighter weight products, while prioritizing the silky and natural aspect of our materials.

We expanded our ranges of natural and smooth leathers, and are offering a wide range of colours.



What are the main trends for S/S20 that designers are requesting?

Natural products that can evolve over time. Colours in the blue and pink ranges.


“It is a source of pride to see what designers can conceive and create with our skins.”




What made you decide participate in the Première Vision Marketplace?


It offered a new way to present this material, leather, all the while knowing how essential its unique touch and feel is. We hope to make ourselves known to new users.







To continue to the online shop of Rémy Carriat, click here

To discover their products in the online catalogue, click here

Also be sure to explore the collection presented by Rémy Carriat Tannery next 12 to 14 February 2019 at the Première Vision Paris show.









Founded in 1927 by Mr and Mrs Rémy Carriat, the company originally specialised in tanning European box-calf skins to provide leather for the men’s shoe industry. Over the years, the company expanded in the domestic market, never compromising the quality of their products.

In 1970, the company branched out into the upholstery market with an offer of bull calf skins. During a technical consultancy trip to Pakistan six years later, Jacques Carriat discovered buffalo hides, and introduced them into the French market.


Ever since, the company has taken on the many challenges of improving its production tools. This has involved renovating the facilities, building a dying plant in 2004, renewing and modernizing much of its production equipment, integrating computer systems and working to improve the company’s environmental impact.

On the commercial side, Rémy Carriat Tannery has become a highly renowned supplier in the fields of accessories, leather goods and saddlery, and has strengthened its international presence.



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