An expanded leather offer this edition, with new Italian tanneries, exclusive suppliers of the leading fashion houses


Tanneries specialising in calfskin, a material of choice for luxury leather goods, will be featured this edition, with the finest Italian and French tanneries: Conceria Masoni, Tanneries Haas, Conceria Superior, Conceria Victoria, Russo di Casandrino and Valori.

Lambskin, a noble material also found in luxury clothing, glove, footwear and leather good collections, will be represented by the famous Naples tanneries Abip by Russo di Casandrino and Tari.

Goatskin in smooth or velvety finishes, always very appreciated by luxury shoe manufacturers, will once again be interpreted via the know-how and refined colour ranges of Concería Gaiera Giovanni.

In terms of calfskin, Gruppo Mastrotto, Chiorino Technology and Curtidos Badia are presenting extremely broad colour ranges and items, from full-grain cowhide and patent cowhide, to fantasy split cow leathers, PU leathers and more.

The Opera tannery, specialists in coloured suede, will present a preview of its brand new range.

Designer favourites, the latest novelties in exotic leathers, including reptiles and Cayman leathers, always strongly represented in the major brands’ winter collections, are presented this season by leading industry specialists such as Italven Pelli, Conceria Centrorettili and Reptilis Chouchous for crocodile, python, Karung snake leather, lizard skin, Tejus and ostrich leathers, for luxury materials with subtle and fancy finishings and constantly updated artisanal elaborations.  

And lastly, double faces, the stars of the autumn winter 1819 season, will be presented by Inducol and Indutan, who are unveiling outstanding nappa leathers in Merinos, Toscana, Entrefino and other nubucks and suedes…

Join us next 4 and 5 July at Blossom Première Vision!


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