De Rigueur Lab: Fashion Tech solutions for Accessories brands

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A game-changing partner to the brands

De Rigueur Lab is a leader in the emerging French Fashion Tech industry focused on Accessories. They foster fashion and luxury brands to innovate in their collections by subtly integrating smart solutions that will turn their beautiful creations into truly useful accessories. As conceiver and manufacturer of our innovations, De Rigueur has been awarded with an Innovation Award at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, as during the Fashion Pitch Night in NUMA and during WeAreAble Look Forward Festival. Today our clients are famous brands like Lancel, Jérôme Dreyfuss, Lacoste, or S.T. Dupont.

Their goal?
Make De Rigueur a world key player in the Fashion Tech industry, starting from the country of Fashion: France.

Seamlessly enhance your accessories

De Rigueur Lab offers a wide range of finished or semi-finished products, like high-end leather accessories integrating wireless charging, wired charging, worldwide and real-time tracking or data storage seamlessly integrated, in order to better answer the needs and issues of XXIst century end-users.

Come and meet them at the Wearable Lab, Hall 6 !

Monoqi - Noir iPhone 5

New in Febuary! Wearable Lab, a 900 m2 village entirely dedicated to Fashion Tech, Hall 6.
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