Clothing, a bridge between man and his digital environment

In the digital era, the textile industry must position itself as a key link in the field of active intelligence, an organic way to bring people and technology together. The Wearable Lab welcomes the pioneers in this innovative fashion direction.

Fashion is at the heart of an overall reflection as to the role of digital technology in the world of tomorrow. The biggest international players in the field of innovation are currently working to integrate clothing with interactivity technology to assist people with their daily tasks. Such is the case with Google and its subsidiary Jacquard, a smart-clothing division, where technology lets you access everyday tools like your GPS or music player with just a simple hand gesture. You don’t need to take your smartphone out of your pocket to skip to another song on your playlist, you just move your arm inside your connected jacket.

Première Vision puts forward and relays these technologies at the forefront of today’s innovation, welcoming companies pioneering active intelligence fashion products in its Wearable Lab space.

Clothing to anticipate your needs

One of the big challenges facing tomorrow’s fashion is being able to address people’s everyday needs in real time. With this in mind, the German company KC Textil is specialized in the development and supply of portable technology solutions, such as wireless charging pockets, Bluetooth headphones, smart glasses, GPS tracking, etc. They also feature technological solutions focusing on safety and security, such as health monitoring and RFID blockers. Another company working in this area is Spain’s Equmetrics, developer of Shieldtags, an invisible coding system. Shieldtags can be integrated into labels to analyse Big Data, and thus develop the most targeted marketing campaigns possible. And since innovation and responsibility must go hand in hand, it also offers consumers the ability to scan labels to ensure the authenticity of a product, and verify its origin.




Technology and know-how

The fashion industry is rich in know-hows and craftsmanship that must be preserved to ensure its creative power. For this reason, French start-up De Rigueur Lab designs and manufactures electronic accessories that combine traditional leather craftsmanship with new technologies. Closer to the body, the Euveka company has developed an evolving and connected mannequin whose dimensions can adapt, either partially or totally, to any desired measurements using special software, for truly tailor-made fashions. A step forward for inclusive fashion, and a small revolution for the world of haute couture.

This season, Première Vision is organizing the Skills² exhibition, which offers a concrete projection of what active intelligence can do when used in clothing. The exhibit will unveil 4 garments, each a pioneer in technological fashion, and an unprecedented virtual reality experience.




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> Come meet these active intelligence textile specialists in the Wearable Lab space !

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