CFDA, the global face of a fashion industry in the midst of renewal

The Council of Fashion Designers of America, the association of U.S. fashion professionals, is joining forces with Première Vision to raise awareness of new values among industry players.

For several years, the CFDA has shown its commitment to young designers and the future of responsible fashion through various events, conferences, educational programs and prizes, which it now plans to promote internationally.

Among its major initiatives are:

The Vogue Fashion Fund, which supports young designers through grants and mentoring programs.

The Elaine Gold Launch Pad, in partnership with the Accessories Council, a virtual 6-month residency program, accompanied by various awards, whose aim is to advise young brands in all the stages of launching their businesses, by encouraging the development of new business models to promote creative, responsible and innovative fashion.

The Lexus Fashion* Initiative, a program dedicated to responsible development for any brand wishing to engage in virtuous cycles of creation and marketing.

In addition to its activity in the United States, the CFDA is committed to Première Vision to promote the values of responsible fashion worldwide, focused on a clean supply chain and innovative technologies.


For more information, come visit the CFDA members in the Smart Square, Hall 3.

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