Carlin Creative Trend Bureau trend report FW18-19



A response to the city’s urban quilt of uncountable threads, a tangible and re-energised understanding emerges. Between virality and the rise of concrete, everyday travel provides the opportunity to liberate and reconstruct a confident and charismatic aesthetic. A new urban agility, sharp and free, plays with hybrid and articulated rhythms. The city is consequently woven with varying tempos, forming a pluralised choreography. From erudite nude therefore, surges a graphic candour to brighten the bitumen shades. These free associations enjoy challenging conventional disciplines, showing an unlimited ability to adapt through cultures and generations. It is clearly a self-assured desire to reshape the cityscape and its activities which propels this new urban dynamic into high-speed streetwear.



The time has come when the ego, individualised to the extreme, may indulge its vanity and narcissism as much as it desires.

It is an unparalleled self, finding strength in arrogance, and destabilising – via anamorphosis and subversive collages – the strict framework from which it escapes. Crowned in seduction, its empire of intoxicating purples and flirty pinks brazenly represents a pinnacle from which point on no restrictions exist. Nothing deviates these narcissistic shades from the passionate ecstasies of the ego: from lascivious urges to indecent pleasures, it only submits to its own grip. A never-ending, never-braking ego trip, a spectacular sexualised self-revealing a timeless power. Between mysterious love potion and insolent romanticism, classics are left to reinvent themselves and dare to be desirable once more.

Soft Fiction


Between the tangible and the imagined, here is an infinite and allusory world to explore. Searching for the unknown through virtual immersion, our emotions are liberated from their consciousness, anchored only to an intuitive desire for alternate experiences, where the mind travels between disquieting stimulants and enticing unease. Diving into these exquisitely calm realms, however, does not dissipate the dark clouds of reality. Seeking to show the extent of its power, bronze is muted by blurred cold hues. The real is thereby kept at a distance by the strength of an ethereal mirage, a forecast into a dreamlike future. Mysterious and milky, our blue-hued dreams inspire narratorial innovation and nomadic escapism to sinuous cosmoses.

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