Berthéas: the alliance of design and functionality

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Berthéas & Cie is a French industrial company created in 1929, specialized in the production of technical fabrics and elastic bands for the medical sector.

In the 1990s, the offer has expanded to the production of jacquard elastic. Berthéas became one of the leading weavers of jacquard elastic ribbons in Europe.

In 1994, a revolutionary, easily adjustable microfiber medical fabric was created with the Micro-Soft® and Micro-Gripp® product line, and in 2007 a new concept of 3D fabric for medical and technical use “Multifunctional Fabric” was developed.

The workforce of the company based in Saint-Chamond (Loire) is currently 66 people with a turnover of €7.3 million in 2019. Berthéas has an important production tool completely integrated in warping, weaving and finishing (140 different machines of various capacities depending on the nature of the product or the industrial need).

The collections are organized according to the different markets: orthopedics, men’s underwear, sport and technical applications. Its transversal know-how makes it possible to introduce new techniques and structures on fashion articles, and conversely, to bring a touch of fantasy on technical orientated products.

Berthéas proposes to combine functionality and design through constant investments in research and development (two patents have been filed over the past 18 months). Recycled yarns have also entered the range of materials.

Recently, as part of the fight against the Covid19, Berthéas set up in record time a high capacity facility, dedicated to elastic cords for the high-speed production of surgical masks on automatic machines.

Berthéas exports one third of its production, mainly to Europe, North Africa and China.

Berthéas is certified Oeko-Tex® Class I, Reach and Asqual.

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