Autumn-Winter 23-24 : Fabrics

At last ! Autumn Winter 2324 celebrates creativity, daring and sustainability. The textile industry boldly and bravely thows itself into exciting new proposals. Despite the well-known challenges, the industry is doubling down on its creative efforts, injecting new products with energy, optimism and hope. Fabrics speak loudly or quietly whisper, they are energizing or reassuring, they are funny, they fire the imagination, they take us on flying carpet rides. They are boundless, tender and caring. The new fashion season is going to be cozy and warm. We’ll snuggle up in large volumes. Textures and decorations evoke carpets and wall hangings, as if clothing were a nomadic home. But we also want freedom, movement, versatility – we want a practical garment, easy to care for and easy to throw in a bag, to the office, on a trip or to the countryside. Environmental and social issues serve as a springboard to explore new options and leave behind those no longer appropriate. A page is turned, and history is starting to be rewritten.

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