An interview with Silvia Rigatti : CEO from the tannery Stella

Silvia Rigatti on the Blossom Première Vision show



The Marketplace Team took advantage of the last edition of Blossom Première Vision to give the floor to the tannery Stella. The tannery experiments regularly new technologies that are to maintain both the artistic and handicraft features of the leather in the realization of a high quality material for the creation of luxurious products.



Presentation of the new collection on the Blossom Première Vision show 





Silvia Rigatti, CEO from the tannery Stella tells us more about the company and its new collection in the following interview.



Our collections respond to the search for a “new luxury”


Silvia Rigatti : CEO from the tannery Stella



Silvia, could you please introduce yourself?


Hi, I’m Silvia Rigatti and for several years I have been working in our family-owned business, the Stella Tannery, which is our main project.


Can you briefly introduce the Stella Tannery?


The Stella tannery is actually located in Fucecchio near Florence and fully reflects the artisanal know-how that is typical of “Made in Italy”. It is a major part of the history and fabric of the Tuscan tannery sector and has been in business for 50 years.


Where did this urge to work in the leather sector come from?


I wouldn’t call it an urge so much, I would say it’s a true passion for skin that has been passed down from generation to generation in my family.

What is the specific nature of your company and its products?


We have always been particularly attentive to our customers’ needs and the way we customise our products is clear proof of this.


Tell us about your clients. What kind of products are your leathers used for?


Our skins are versatile, and our customers come from many luxury sectors including the clothing industry. However, we are also quite strongly focused on footwear and leather goods.


Can you tell us about the collection you presented at Blossom PV in Paris?


Our collection for Blossom was specifically aimed at showing how versatile our leathers are. Stella Tannery presented a new range of leathers with metal-free tanning.


What are the colour and finishing inspirations and highlights of this collection? 


We are presenting some amazing colours to give our more traditional items a fresh look… we really were pleased to introduce them.



New color range collection on the Blossom Première Vision Show


What are some of the main trends designers asked for at the show?



The trends are particularly luxurious this season, with a velvety feel. Elegance plays an important role, as does a particularly original vintage style.




What kind of specific technological processes does your company use to meet these new trends?


Our products are backed by extensive research and development, ranging from the best choice of tanning to obtain a particular feel, to the most appropriate type of finish to achieve the desired effect.


What are your company’s values and commitments?


We look to become a key partner for our clients, and to successfully interpret their needs. Our goal is to establish a constructive collaboration with them and play a real part in the ultimate realization of their project. We are always eager to see our skins interpreted in a new and exciting product.

Dynamism, quality, research and attention to people and the environment are the values that have always inspired our work, on a daily basis.


More and more leather suppliers are committing to an eco-responsible approach. What is the tannery Stella doing in this area?


Currently, we are committed to ensuring that our work is increasingly environmentally friendly. We are obtaining accredited environmental certifications in the sector and are increasingly investing in environmentally friendly and metal-free tanning methods.


Why did you decide to join the Première Vision Marketplace?


Stella Tannery is focused on being open to the most interesting new ideas and developments in the market. We immediately saw the importance of the Marketplace, both in terms of visibility and communication. We are delighted to be part of this new project.


Discover the company Stella on Première Vision show in Paris from the 17th to the 19th of September 2019 by getting your pass. 


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The tannery Stella experiments regularly new technologies that are to maintain both the artistic and handicraft features of the leather in the realization of a high quality material for the creation of luxurious products.


Due to a long lasting tradition and experience , calf leather and buffalo leather have been elected to be the basic material of the whole production. The leather is carefully selected at the source and treated then to enhance its natural characteristics.


The ambition of the company for the production of innovative kinds of leather with the newest tanning and finishing working processes has been honored so far by many international fashion brand names, who have appreciated our versatility in developing their customized projects in the due time.


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