An interview with Franck Ferrua, Marketing and Communication Director of Satab



For the opening of its accessories offer, the Marketplace turns the spotlight on Satab, a leading supplier, especially of ribbons, in the French accessories industry. This gave us an opportunity to talk to Satab’s marketing director, Franck Ferrua, and glean the highlights about their collection…



“A Made in France approach at Satab is already being implemented through our 100% integrated production”

Hello Franck, could you start us off by introducing yourself?

Hi. I’m Franck Ferrua, Marketing and Communication Director of Satab.


What is the unique feature of your company and its products?


Satab is an independent family business founded in 1905 and located in the Haute-Loire, near the Saint-Etienne region. For over 100 years the company has been steadily transforming, industrialising and globalising, to become the European leader in narrow textiles, also known as ribbons. Today Satab is a multi-specialist brand focused on creatively innovating, weaving and braiding ribbons, braids, webbing and cords.

A particular feature of our company is that our production is 100% French, with a dual skill set that combines the jacquard shuttle looms known as wooden looms (the oldest of which dates from 1874) and modern needle looms. This lets us create a mix of tradition and innovation.


More than just a trend, eco-responsibility has become a central focus for the textile industry.  Can you describe the situation in the accessories universe? What are Satab’s tangible activities and projects in this area?



At SATAB, we share more than just a love of our profession and a high level of expertise. The values shared by SATAB and its employees reflect our roots, our history. A high respect for people and the environment is an integral part of our DNA, and that’s not a passing fad. That is why we have a charter listing our 10 commitments to moving towards a more responsible world.

So today and tomorrow, we’ll continue to be committed, opening up even more new horizons, to reduce our footprint and improve each product. In the end, we’re committed to working alongside our customers to build a more enjoyable and sustainable world…



Satab is strongly attached to being a ‘Made in France’ company. Can you tell us what that means, concretely, at Satab?


A Made in France approach at Satab is already being implemented through our 100% integrated production, from yarn design and warping to the finishing and folding of our 45,000 references. This commitment is also reflected in our proximity to our raw materials suppliers, 95% of which are European.

Lastly, since 1905, Satab has been perpetuating traditional know-hows, particularly with our fleet of wooden jacquard looms. The company currently has about 65 such looms, the oldest of which dates to 1874, salvaged one by one from private owners. To ensure the sustainability of this equipment and the maintenance of these looms, we train artisans to use this particular know-how on site, over a period of several months and years.





Tell us about your clients – what kind of ribbons are they looking for?


Our customers come from a really diverse breadth of fashion sectors, in particular ready-to-wear, but also lingerie, footwear and leather goods.

Whether they work for leading, well-known international brands or are independent designers coming from Fashion Tech, all our customers turn to Satab for its collections, to learn the latest narrow-textile trends, and take advantage of its customised know-how depending on their specific needs.





Creativity is at the core of your collections. Can you please tell us about the creative process at Satab? And more generally about your sources of inspiration?


Satab is known for its creativity and inventiveness in narrow textiles.

With a marketing team that detects trends, whether in the field with our customers or with our designers and design offices, Satab’s DNA is built around responding to new needs and new trends in narrow fabrics, thanks to our R&D team and in-house lab.



Can you give us a preview of some of the highlights of your next autumn-winter 20/21 collection?


Just like every season, you can take a look at our “Be Inspired” trend booklet to find a number of trends adapted to the world of accessories and more particularly to narrow textiles. You will find a range of bio-sourced cotton ribbon and trims, a special focus on a chiné tubular braid for sneakers, hoodie and anorak cords, etc. Or a jacquard Berber ribbon in cotton, woven on shuttle looms, and multi-coloured prints with graduated and iridescent effects.



Innovation is also among Satab’s core values, and you recently launched an offer of connected ribbons. Can you tell us more about this product?



Satab offers prototypes through its e-NF (e-Narrow-Fabrics) collection, allowing designers to access Satab technology right from the design stage of their e-textile projects – this means a complete range of conductive e-ribbons, interface objects, tools and e-braids that open up the field of possibilities for the fashion, home, industry, health and packaging sectors. This world first, which has led to the filing of 4 patents, connects the world of textiles and electronics.



Innovation is clearly part of the company’s values. Is that why you are one of the first accessory suppliers to have put your trust in the Marketplace?



Yes, completely. At the heart of our company, each employee is motivated by the idea of becoming a “reference in difference”. Satab is innovative, open to new products and the boldest developments on the market. The Marketplace is one of these developments for us.



What are your expectations for the Première Vision Marketplace?


The Marketplace is a tool for the future, making it possible to establish effective and permanent contacts throughout the year between all the protagonists in the world of accessories and fashion in the broadest sense. It’s also an important means of visibility and communication. For all these reasons, we have been working for several months with the Marketplace teams to be the first supplier to integrate this platform.


Discover the on-line products of the company Satab









Since 1905, SATAB, an independent family company, has been creating, weaving, braiding and knitting ribbons, braids, webbing, cords… As the leading European manufacturer of narrow textiles, SATAB combines high-tech production facilities with modern automated looms and the world’s largest active fleet of wooden shuttle looms, and is now classed as a Living Heritage Company.

Its production is 100% integrated and produced in France (Haute-Loire)

– Preparation of the yarn: warping

– Manufacturing: weaving, braiding, knitting

– Dyeing, printing

– Finishing: rolling, thermofixation, coating, cutting, manufacturing….

Building on its ability to shape and transmit trends over more than a century, by translating them into its ribbons, SATAB currently extends its expertise across 6 divisions: Fashion, Packaging, Home, Consumer, Industry, Health.

The company has a capacity of 5 million metres per week and has a stock of more than 40,000 references.

It operates on 5 continents.

ISO 9001 and OEKO-TEX® certified




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