Focus on Linen

Not just fluid and supple but also eco-responsible and innovative, linen promises to be the uncontested star of the coming fashion season.

France’s Safilin is in an excellent position to confirm this. Founded in 1778, the company is quite simply Europe’s oldest linen spinner, as well as being the only one to exploit all three spinning technologies: wet, dry and open end.


Addressing a growing market interest in environmental and societal issues, Safilin exclusively selects high-quality fibres grown in European countries. Made from the only fibre produced and processed entirely within the EU, Safilin’s linen yarns also boasts a minimal carbon footprint and environmental impact, as confirmed by its 100% Master of Linen and 100% European Flax certifications.


Ideal for summer but also lending warmth and comfort to winter fabrics, linen for the coming seasons contains innovative fibres with surprising properties. This can be seen in the company’s recent “Flax Lab” yarn innovations, including their most recent product, a Tencel linen yarn combining the ancestral and well-known virtues of linen with unprecedented cooling properties.


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