This is not a textile!

To better infiltrate the fashion world, leather can take on the appearance of ….fabrics. With the help of digital printing, the material can be covered with a pattern that is made even more credible by its shiny finish. At Curtumes Fabricio, leather looks just like denim once it has been spray dyed and covered with a film imitating the weave. After having printed a floral design onto dipped lamb leather, Officina delle Pelli plunges it into an astringent bath which gives it a more realistic relief, before skilled hands paint on the petals. Ejaz Tanning Company weaves narrow strips of lamb leather into an incredibly soft tartan. And finally, Tari uses a latex glue that is guaranteed not to run to affix narrow bands of dipped entrefino onto a canvas backing.
Simply impressive!

3 off delle Pelli aspect textile
             © OFFICINA DELLE PELLI             

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