This is not a textile!


Leather professionals are not short of ideas for placing their material at the heart of fashion and rendering it essential. Even if that means leather stealing the spotlight from fabrics by changing its appearance. Thus, Platin Deri has perfected a special shaving machine for sculpting the superficial wool of its sheepskin lamb, to make it look like velvet. After having refined their goat suede to just 0.4mm, Pellami Daniele pleated the material and bonded it onto a stretch canvas. Through precision sawing, S.C.P. split a sheep skin in two then filled it with goose down to make an ideal material for quilted jackets, and in addition also decorated it with multicolour patches using an offset printing technique.  And as for the lamb leather tufted to cashmere by Fedi Silvano, it is quite simply astonishing, and earned them a PV Award. So many skilful and clever ideas!



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