Siozos, fur without limit

Mink patchwork panel

Fur is as easy to work with as fabric. This is the key idea of the company Siozos, which for the last thirty years has been producing panels of fur of all types and in all sizes, as well as manufacturing accessories for the ready-to-wear market. “We can produce large panels of many metres in length”, the founder and director Konstantinos Siozos tells us. We also produce long strips for edging hoods; this is very fashionable at the moment.” Based in Kastoria in northern Greece, the company does not tan the skins but applies a wide variety of finishes, ranging from simply dyeing them to printing, via shearing, plucking, and finishes on the flesh side for all types of fur from mink, fox, rabbit or coyote. “At the moment, we are receiving a lot of requests for fox” says the Director. “We are able to be very flexible in order to satisfy all sorts of requests from our clients”, the director of the company assures us. 90% of the company’s turnover comes from the export market. A proportion that their presence at the last Cuir à Paris show can only have increased.

2 renard teint Siozos
Fox dyed bright colours