New exhibitors at PV Leather

The upcoming February edition of Première Vision Leather offers rich discoveries. Ten new tanners are joining the show to delight designers of leather goods, footwear and clothing.

Del Vacchio Leather

Already present at Première Vision Leather a few seasons ago, this family business from southern Italy is making a very promising return. Since its creation in the 1970s, it has demonstrated its expertise in tanning lamb hides, mostly from France, 60% of which it then sells in Italy to luxury labels. Leather goods are the main outlet for its wide variety of items (60%), while 30% is used for clothing and 10% for footwear.

Deeply committed to sustainable development, only 20% of this tannery’s output is tanned using chrome. “We want to move to 100% green production in the next few years,” its spokesperson tells us. Many items are therefore produced without the use of metal. Two projects are already operational: the Eco Colors project, which seeks to use natural and ecological pigments and non-toxic solvents (mainly water based), and the Life Call project for the elimination of pollutants in waste water. Del Vacchio Leather also ensures the traceability of each batch thanks to the use of IT, and already in 2010 had covered the roof of its factory with solar panels to produce its own electricity. Their ICEC, Iso 9001 and Iso 14001 certifications pay testimony to their commitment.

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Enes Leather

Since 1982, Enes Leather provides sheep and lamb leather to manufacturers of clothing, leather goods and footwear in Turkey but also in Russia, India, Germany, Italy, China, Korea and even America. With 100 % of its production destined for international markets, the company can produce up to 7000 skins per day, but can also demonstrate great flexibility to meet smaller orders. Using mainly synthetic and mineral tanning, as well as a small amount of vegetable tannins (10% of production), its tanning processes seek to meet as many requirements as possible, both mechanical and ecological.

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FL Leather

Focused on calfskin, which it produces from the wet stage to the dyeing and finishing, this Venetian tannery is the perfect supplier for leather goods labels. And indeed, 60% of its turnover comes from this category of client. Thanks to a large choice of articles, combining smooth finishes with laminated appearances, via natural grains, embossed surfaces and a variety of finishes, the company can satisfy luxury houses as well as mid-range labels, including leather for linings. It excels in obtaining particular handles and feels, such as warm, soft, silky, satiny or ‘vegetal’ (which means with a firmness reminiscent of that of vegetable-tanned leather). Currently only using chrome tanning, the company wishes to develop its metal-free items and is working to obtain LWG certification.

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Haesung Aida

Founded in 1999, the Korean tannery Haesung Aida is not a minor player on the market, far from it. With its four hundred employees and an annual production capacity of 1.6 million skins, the company can fulfil the largest orders, notably those coming from American labels, which represent 88% of its activity. Specialised in chrome-tanned calfskin, it supplies the leather goods market (90% of turnover) with smooth, natural grain, embossed or crispy items that are mostly supple and adapted to the production of sports or casual bags. The company is also eco-responsible and can boast silver level certification from LWG, which is why it has come back to Première Vision Leather, to convince European labels to work with it.

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Keo Pell

Première Vision Leather is delighted to note the return of Keo Pell. Specialised in buffalo leather from Egypt (80%) and Italy (20%), this Italian tannery is one of the world’s greatest specialists. With 80% of its production using vegetable tannins, the remaining 20% is synthetic tanned and all items are guaranteed metal-free, so are ideal for leather goods (40% of turnover), some clothing (10%) and above all footwear (50%). Three-quarters of its clients are Italian and the company is also popular for its eco-responsible approach, as demonstrated by its Reach, MRSL and ZDC labels.

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La Compagnia delle Pelli

Working exclusively with lamb leathers, La Compagnia delle Pelli imports its raw hides mainly from South Africa. Since its creation in 1993, it has made a point of honour of serving the most demanding labels. Alongside other even more prestigious names that it prefers not to reveal, the company boasts labels such as Baldini, Bikkembergs, Cavalli and John Richmond among its loyal clients. Highly diversified, with items that can be dry-cleaned, in suede, stretch, and a wide variety of thicknesses, it supplies leathers for clothing (25 % of its output), footwear (25%) and particularly watch straps (50 %). Although its tanning process is mainly mineral (70 % with chrome), it is keen to develop its range of synthetic-tanned items to offer its clients metal-free products.

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With its five hundred employees, the Korean company, Leejo, is a major player in textiles for accessories. Its weavings of polyamide and polyester fibres, which can be dyed, printed, coated or blended according to client requirements, have been popular since its creation in 1992, with clients across the entire spectrum including top-of-the-range. For more specific requirements such as jacquard, screen-printing or quilting, the company uses tested and approved sub-contractors. Some of its reference also allow it to be present on the clothing sector. For many years, it has undertaken more responsible production using recycled polyamide or polyester fibres. With Iso 9001, Iso 14001 and Blue Sign certification, the company has all it needs to target European labels.

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Located in Slavonia, in the east of Croatia, this bovine tannery employs around 100 people and produces around 2000m² of finished leather per day. Integrating the entire leather manufacturing process, the company is specialised in waterproof and breathable items, destined for sports shoes, walking shoes, motorcycle boots, golf or hunting shoes and technical footwear for fire and police officers.

Although 80% of the tanning uses chrome salts, a growing percentage is synthetic, and chrome free. This allows the company to offer leathers for orthopaedic shoes and children’s shoes. Following the Reach and ELCHA Helsinki standards to the letter as well as the HACCP method, it seeks to use the fewest chemical products possible, to minimise water consumption and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions through the use of renewable energies. This has earned it LWG and ISO 14001 certifications, as reassuring proof.

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