Matt leather is increasingly scratch-resistant

Although it has been very popular for many seasons now, stylists and consumers can sometimes be put off by the supposedly poor rub-resistance of matt leather. But in fact, the layer of pigment – often made from silica or polyurethane – which gives the leather its matt finish, also provides a degree of protection from scratches, and even from the rain. “Our matt leathers are particularly popular for the lining of watch straps”, the manager of Tanneries Haas told us. To improve rub resistance, we can add a spray of fixer. However if, in order to obtain a more natural result, the matt layer is thinner and obtained by applying wax, the result will be less durable, becoming shiny over time and more sensitive to abrasion. It’s all a question of compromise, clearly.

© Conceria Tre Emme

Matt sheep leather from ©Conceria Tre Emme

© Tanneries Dupire

Bull leather with a natural grain and matt finish from ©Tanneries Dupire

© Tanneries Roux

Matt calf leather from ©Tanneries Roux