Conference cycle dedicated to the Bag &Shoe universe

A new program of round table discussions will help fashion and accessories brands in the development of their shoes and leather goods collections during the 3 days of the show:

The trend concept for spring summer 19, as well as the season’s key colours, products and materials for the leather and fur markets Presented by Claude Vuillermet, Show Fashion Director

  • Nathalie Elharrar, Consultant, footwear designer and IFM professor will share her experiences, and propose development directions for successful footwear collections via 3 round tables:

Customizing accessories: something just for me!

A unique product for a unique client: Who hasn’t dreamed of having their shoes made to measure, or designing their own bag or wearing sneakers made just for them?
The phenomenon of the customization of footwear and leather goods is an issue for society that has been emerging in recent years, but it is also a major challenge for industrial producers as well as for designers.

A cycle of 3 round tables including encounters with entrepreneurs to explore this idea from three different angles:

 -Understanding the technical challenges: industrial solutions and limits, making good use of innovations, exploring different economic models and marketing strategies.

Tuesday 13 at 2pm
Leather goods and customization, from the mass market to high-end luxury. 

Wednesday 14 at 2 pm
My unique shoe: how companies create a customization service midway between mass and artisanal production.

Thursday 15 at 2pm
 Customize my sneakers! An overview of customization in all its forms.

  • CTC will organize 2 conferences and 1 workshop dedicated to shoes and leathergoods manufacturing:

Tuesday 13 – 12 pm & 3:30pm

Finishing the edges, or how to embellish a leather accessory?
Laurent Nay – CTC – Director of the Leather Goods department

Designing beautiful objects with a strong creative capital is the recipe for making a fashion accessory into a success. But the secret also lies in the expertise used. CTC will show you the finishes that enhance a product and give it prestige.

Wednesday 14 – 12 pm & 3:30pm

A closer look at green products
REGIS LETY – CTC – Sustainable development Consultant

What is a green product?  At a time where eco-marketing offers a way for labels to stand out, CTC gives you an objective breakdown of the main concepts/idea/labels such as green, eco, organic, etc., associated with the fashion and accessories world.

Thursday 15 – 12 pm & 3:30pm

The art of colorimetry: from the perception of colours to digital control
LIONEL LAUTESSE – CTC -Finishing consultant

For fashion houses and accessories manufacturers, the precision, hold and reproducibility of colours on leather are major factors in ensuring customer satisfaction. To achieve this, it is essential to understand how colours are perceived and to master the main technical parameters. Discover with CTC the art of colorimetry and the issues around digital transcription.

All conferences: Free access – Limited seats
Simultanously translated into English