Wearable Lab episode 2: the start-ups making waves in the market

A showroom of 4 start-ups dedicated to meetings and exchanging ideas. They will display at Wearable Lab their latest innovations and future goals, while proposing true future partnership to the professionals present:


Percko (France) Percko Undershirt, Clothing & Health

Percko is an intelligent undershirt that quite literally “has your back.” This garment was created to give the body the perfect posture under any circumstance.


Teiimo, iilation Jacket (Germany) Leather & Hightech

 The iilation Jacket is an elegant leather jacket of the future, including a wide array of features: an independently sensor-controlled heating system, built-in Bluetooth integration, hands-free calling capabilities (with a microphone and two small speakers), and even serving as a phone charger.


Spinali Design, Essential Vibrating Connected Jeans, (France) Connected Jeans

 Equipped with two vibrating sensors at the belt area, connecting to a Smartphone via Bluetooth, these jeans integrate new features into the wearer’s everyday environment. The GPS function vibrates on the sides of the jeans to orient its wearer through urban areas, should you get lost + more playful functions !


Digitsole, Smart shoes (France)  Connected Shoes

Digitsole is a French connected footwear company. Their first intelligent product, a connected heated sole, allowed Digitsole to be ranked among the 10 most innovative companies at the CES in Las Vegas 2015. With a heavy sports-driven consumer base, Digitsole is aware of constantly expanding their reach into other sectors. The company continues to innovate and create solutions to meet the expectations of the consumer – much like their Smart Shoes or Running Shoes.