The art of lightness


Whether light as a feather or fleeting as a memory, materials and patterns grow airy, playing on transparencies and cut-outs, for a thoroughly fresh summer that doesn’t give an inch when it comes to elegance or performance.

The proof of this can be found at Italian leather specialist Pronto Pelli (Leather), where sheepskin leather mesh has a vintage or tribal bent, and fine suede skins (0.4 – 1 mm) feature micro half-moon cut-outs, for a doubly light effect in both look and feel. This same search for weightlessness can be found in the fabrics at Joseph H. Clissold (Fabrics). Founded in 1910, this English purveyor of masculine elegance has an offer of knits with open-worked micro-motifs, lending a discreetly new look to classic blazers, enhancing them with breathability and an unusual textured aspect. Carmen Marzala and Laura Torrobo (Designs) take up the same challenge with a collection of motifs exploring transparency and colourful plays on filters. Nostalgic but always modern, the floral and stylised patterns of these two Spanish designers rely on watercolours, pastels and acrylics to create figurative motifs that evoke abstract private spaces, where plays on layered voiles become a subtle metaphor for the passing of time.