The results of the Première Vision Barometer – 1st semester 2016

The Première Vision Barometer was elaborated from data derived from the responses to the economic survey we sent out to exhibiting weavers and tanners. The positioning of the show in its market, as well as the selection process put in place, allows us to consider that the Première Vision Paris exhibitors, as a whole, constitute a relevant international representation of the creative materials offer for the valueadded fashion industry.

The Première Vision Barometer is thus an indicator of the business activity of all the companies taking part in the show, and by extension of the activity of the international creative fashion industry. It comprises two indexes, the PREMIÈRE VISION TEXTILE INDEX for the textile industry, and the PREMIÈRE VISION LEATHER INDEX for the leather industry.

The results: 1st semester 2016 vs 1st semester 2015

The Première Vision barometer of creative industries for the 1st semester of 2016 continues to outperform the global indexes of textile and leather production.


In the first six months of 2016, the creative textiles market registered, on average, a 3% increase in production in terms of volume compared with the 1st semester of 2015.

In terms of mature economies (Europe, the US, Japan, South Korea…) – the most strongly represented at the show – the Première Vision Textile Index reaches +2.6%. This result broadly surpasses the benchmark (UNIDO index), which remains stable at +0.1%.

It should also be noted that in the mature economies, the show’s European players had a 3.3% increase in its production in volume, while Asian professionals are down by -7.3%.




In the first six months of 2016, the creative leather market registered a rise of 0.8% in volume compared with the 1st semester of 2015.

This result broadly outperformed the United Nations index, which is at -2%.

In a declining consumer context, these figures are more than encouraging and confirm the fact that creativity is a true competitive advantage and a development axis in a highly competitive environment where it has become critical for brands to differentiate.

* Textile World Production Index

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