My job Emotional Designer

Riccardo Bruni, textile designer at Lyria (Fabrics), was featured in the latest Première Vision Paris promotional campaign.


“I was already working on the looms when I was 7. I grew up around the smell of fabric and the noise of the machines. I met an old weaver, a charismatic guy who guided me. At 13, I started at a textile engineering school. And one day, years later, I produced 1,800,000 metres of fabric for my first summer collection in 2001.

This job is about passion – the kind that gives you goose bumps, that makes you create textiles that dreams are made of, that can plunge you into the abyss when a project  isn’t working… The work of the textile designer is about dreams. I work like a painter, imagining the final picture, then figuring out how to carry it out. It’s the kind of work that has to be done with love, freedom and passion to create marvellous things. Unfortunately those aren’t the emotions most present in the company, nor in society in general. You have to forge your own emotional environment. That’s probably why on a daily basis, I like working with women. They have a different sensibility, which brings me a lot.

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