Looking for a hairstylist ? This season will blow you away

The dark purple lambskin at Platin Deri (Leather) has a funny look, with long, carefully dishevelled but partially shorn curls. Far from going grey, a jacquard at Dutel (Fabrics) sports red and khaki raffia fringes, tracing out and randomly emphasizing a garden of large flowers. The fringes continue their rebellious streak, in cashmere nevertheless, in the knits at Mely’s Maglieria (Knitwear Solutions) while they venture into dreadlocks galore on knits at Maglificio Ellynore (Knitwear Solutions) and A. Ferreira (Knitwear Solutions). Prefer super short cuts? Play on fake tattoos and sculpted materials with the synthetic taffeta flocked with a chenille-style white hair at Frizza (Fabrics).