Fancies selection S/S 19

A season where decoration embraces virtuosic expressions marked by visual simplicity.
In tone-on-tone or sophisticated colour combinations, the season is summery and rhythmic. It allows a softness and delicacy to emerge, where monochromes are truly sumptuous. Flowers and stripes are writ large, tones dust surfaces and motifs explore new graphic styles with an offhand freshness, either starkly enlarged, verging on abstraction.

Fancies selection


Stripes penetrate all activity sectors, and are expressed in three main ways:
Graphic, with neat and fresh contrasts. They interlock and separate, only to reform and build happy energetic landscapes. In shirtings, they space out, inspired by household linens and summer deckchairs.
In silkies and linen, they are reinterpreted in new colourways, broken down generously in more fluid versions. They energise laces, knits and embroidery, and sequinned all-overs.
Sensitive, fixing motion in colourful undulations, welcoming waves, and embroidered organic swirls, both jacquard and printed.
Hazy, woven through with gently fused contours, elaborated in delicate cut-yarns, and colourfully fusing, diluted in clean gradations.


Flowers with stylized and generous graphics that bloom and grow in nuanced and textured flat tints.
Fresh buds in embroidery, exuding a beautiful chlorophyll-infused vitality with simplistic flowers, and daisies in full colour.
Sensitive gardens where flowers are sketched like water lilies in the notebook of an impressionist painter, in the very heart of nature.
A new herbarium is emerging for lace and embroidery, one that’s livelier, structured with lots of delicate foliage, sensitive lines, and jewellery-style insects.


A touching kind of discretion emerges in the way patterns are expressed.
Motifs with graceful lines trace out a slender sketch, part flower and part random geometry. A graphic sensibility, underlined by softened shades, with powdered effects in jacquards, prints, embroidery and lace.
Blurred sensations lend a note of contemporary romance, reminiscent of the Petit Trianon, an old fashioned and offbeat atmosphere.
A deceptively rural and bucolic air surrounds the brittle innocence of a Marquise in the country, in jacquards and silkies at once refined and impertinent.
– dancing lines fashion two-toned volutes, tracing out graphic and stylized arabesques. Wrought-iron style embroidery grows larger, expanding in volume, while lace is embellished with schiffly embroidery for subtle texture.


Fancies and plains come together for a minimalist, discreet opulence, with calm decorations and a hidden richness.
Monochromes display all their nobility, in dense and sculptural silkies, in more everyday silkies, and in runny, enrobing knits.
Sophisticated tone-on-tone embroideries, full lace with lighter handles, plain jacquards, damasks and embossed fabrics where patterns are expressed in subtle relief and matt/shiny contrasts.



Prints tell little tales of holidays, from safaris to sea voyages. Narratives are drawn from travel notebooks from fantastic explorations, or the journals of seamen or pirates.
Dreamy landscapes, sketched by an explorer with a fresh outlook and a light hand. Warm seas dotted with charming islets and adventurous sailboats. Birds and monkeys camouflaged in the tropical flora. A savannah populated with smiling beasts.