Designs for your childrenswear collections

Next February, childrenswear collections specialists will find a trove of innovative motifs at Designs.
2 studios gave us a forward peek at their collections:



Charlène Bornard developed her The S/S 19 around 2 main directions.
The first, a rather figurative and dreamlike direction, features a chimera theme, from flying rabbits to lions to stags … an entire imaginary world has gotten into my patterns!
There are also pop and vintage elements as well as little characters, as in my previous collections.
The second part of her collection is entirely abstract. She played on combinations of textures imbricated in geometric shapes. These textures are layered together, sometimes in graduated tones, sometimes transparently… and even more if the mood strikes!


Lemon Ribbon’s The S/S 19 is bursting with fresh ideas, with a mix of bold, watercolour and hand drawn graphics. The Jungle trend goes on Safari, while underwater and beach themes take on a 90’s vibe.
They go back to the simple life where farmer’s markets and secret gardens inspire them, and look to the creative mind for playful and expressive prints full of energy.


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