When beautiful twine returns to fashion

Belinac (Fabrics)

Delicate as glycine, resistant as jute, precious as embroidery: twine becomes an ingredient of refinement in summer fabrics and accessories for. Belinac (Fabrics) uses it as a floating thread on fabric doubled in silk and polyester enriched with quilted floral design. At Simona B. (Accessories), twine comes on braided motifs combining natural fibres and Lurex yarns in a harmonious marriage.

For Masao Koishihara, twine is art form on its own: this heir to four generations of Yushisha (Maison d’Exceptions, HALL 6) reworks the ancestral Japanese technique of glycine yarn. Spun exclusively by hand by twisting, the fibre extracted from these plants that he grows himself grows in Kyoto is more resistant than any natural fibre and as precious as a gold thread.